Jim Allen Packaging is a full line retail packaging distributor, supplying bags, boxes, paper and plastic shopping bags, tissue paper, gift wrap. Since 1982

What we don’t do?  We do not have minimum dollar amount on an order, no small order fee’s, the only type of minimum is how products are packed.  So, if you are ordering a case of cub shopping bags printed, your minimum would be 250 bags.  Let’s say that your customer wants 1 roll of Red Tulle that constitutes an order. 

Highlights of what we offer.

Page 2-3    Shopping Bags:  Brown and White Kraft in 11 sizes • Gloss Bags in 4 sizes in 20 colors

Shadow Stripe available in 4 standard sizes in 17 colors

Oatmeal available in 7 sizes of Matte and 4 sizes in Shadow Strip (This color was dropped by several mills).  We still have it.

Matte Tints are our best sellers, 7 sizes in 24 colors, plus wine bags.  Who else offers this many colors and sizes in stock.  We offer three additional sizes most vendors to not offer:  Debbie (10x5x13), Escort (13x6x15¾), Jumbo (18x7x19) everyone else is stuck with the standard 4 sizes.

We offer Hot Stamping and Printing with a one case minimum.

If you need just a few bags, we have 100 packs of any color or 100 packs of assorted colors by size.

Page 6 Euro Tote Shopping Bags • offered in 6 sizes in 30 colors.

Page 11  Plastic Lo-Bags, 8 sizes in 17 colors • Garment Covers on Roll, 3 sizes in 17 colors.

Page 16  Plastic Shopping and Merchandise Bags available in Frost Clear and Tints.  Hot Stamping is available.  We do offer Plain Mini Packs of 50 bags.

Page 22 Paper Merchandise Bags:  Natural Kraft and White in 14 sizes. Colored Merchandise Bags in 6 sizes, 15 colors and SOS (Lunch style bag) in 10 sizes and 17 colors.
Page 30  Western or Farm Store: Check out the original artwork from CM Russell (1864-1926) one of America’s most famous western  artists. We have a great drop-in store copy program with 12 prints available for your use.

Page 36  Tissue in 76 solid colors. We offer a 15”x20” put up besides the standard 20”x30”.  
Page 56  Ribbon:  Our hottest seller is Perfect Box on a reel.  4 sizes in 28 colors, Metallic’s are available in 4 sizes and 6 colors.
Page 64  Gift Boxes in White and Natural Kraft 60 sizes.  Lock Corner Boxes in White Gloss or Natural Kraft in 66 sizes.  Custom colors in Lock Corner Boxes, 66 sizes and 32 standard colors.  Apparel Boxes, page 70, available up to 10 sizes in 24 stock colors.
Page 77  Animal Prints available in Ribbon, Shopping Bags and Tissue.