A Leader in Gift Boxes in Kansas City Looks Back at a Different Option: The History of Wrapping Paper — There are various ways to decorate presents for holidays, birthdays, and other special occasions. Gift boxes in Kansas City are a popular choice for items like food, clothing, or anything that needs to be protected from getting damaged.  Poly gift bags in Kansas City are used for those problematic items to wrap or as a quick way to get your gift ready on short notice.

However, the most common way to decorate a gift is still with traditional wrapping paper.  You may wonder how wrapping paper got its start and why we still use it today over other gifting methods.  This article will give you a brief overview of the history of gift-wrapping and how it has evolved into an industry worth an estimated $2.6 billion annually.

The Beginning of Wrapping Paper in the U.S.

Back in 1917, two brothers who owned and operated a stationery business had a very successful year selling tissue paper in Kansas City.  The business ending up selling out of tissue paper and needed to come up with a backup plan.  The brothers decided to offer a version of paper that wasn’t meant for display but instead for lining envelopes.  This style of paper was put on display for customers to see, and it also sold out!


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Envelope Lining Becomes Wrapping Paper

One year later, the business was getting prepared for the holiday season of 1918 by adjusting their inventory levels to fit their customer’s needs.  Although the brothers had more tissue paper in Kansas City ready for the holiday rush, they still offered envelope lining as a wrapping option to see if the previous year’s sales were somewhat of a fluke.  Sure enough, the envelope lining sold out again and became a permanent solution for wrapping paper.


The Start of an Industry

Starting in 1919, the brothers knew they had stumbled upon something special, so they started using the term, “wrapping paper” instead of envelope lining.  Gift wrapping over the years got more creative with the additions of gift bags and gift boxes as well as ribbons and bows in Kansas City.


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