Everything You Need for Gift Wrapping, Including Ribbons and Bows in Kansas City — Although we are a few months past the Holiday season, there will always be events throughout the year that require ribbons and bows in Kansas City.  Whether it’s birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, or weddings, there are constant events that require a gift.

As one of the leading producers all gift-wrapping supplies, including poly gift bags in Kansas City, Jim Allen Packaging has compiled a list of everything you should keep on-hand so that you are always prepared for the next big event that requires a gift.  If you have a designated craft room, it is the perfect place to store your gift-wrapping items, such as:

  • Wrapping Paper
  • Ribbons and Bows
  • Gift Bags
  • Gift Boxes
  • Tissue Paper
  • Tape


Wrapping Paper

You obviously need wrapping paper to wrap presents, but not all paper will work for the event you’re celebrating.  Be sure to keep several varieties and colors in stock so that you are prepared for it all.  You’ll need Christmas-themed paper, bright colors for birthdays, and more calming colors like white or a light gold for weddings and anniversaries.


Ribbons and Bows in Kansas City


Ribbons and Bows in Kansas City

If you want to score some extra points for presentation, ribbons and bows in Kansas City are a great way to add a little more beauty to your gifts.  Many times, people will get caught up in what’s underneath the wrapping paper, but adding a few caring touches like ribbons and bows to your presents will always be a way of showing how much you care about your loved one.



Unless you are some sort of gift-wrapping wizard, you’ll need plenty of tape to finish off your wrapping job.  Each gift typically requires a minimum of three pieces of tape, and if you have a lot of gifts in your family, the tape can disappear pretty quickly!


Ribbons and Bows in Kansas City


Gift Boxes

If you plan on gifting items like clothes or jewelry, you should keep an ample supply of various gift boxes in Kansas City.  Using boxes allows for much easier wrapping and also allows you to stack multiple gifts on top of each other if needed.


Gift Bags

For those difficult to wrap presents, you can always steer clear of the wrapping paper and go with a gift bag.  Another benefit of gift bags in Kansas City is that they can be used again for the next holiday or birthday in your family.


Ribbons and Bows in Kansas City


Tissue Paper

If you plan to use gift bags or gift boxes for your gifts, then tissue paper in Kansas City is a must.  Keep an assortment of colors in stock so that you have a color scheme that matches the theme of the event you are celebrating.



For all the supplies listed above and more, contact Jim Allen Packaging for all your gift-wrapping needs.  Since 1982, our team has serviced the KC metro area for anything from food service bags to poly gift bags in Kansas City.

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Ribbons and Bows in Kansas City


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