The Benefits of Using Kraft Paper for Kraft Bags in Kansas City — At Jim Allen Packaging, we offer many types of bags for events, businesses, holidays, or just about any special occasion.  So, when it comes time to order your bags, how do you know what material, color, or design to choose?  For the most part, it comes down to personal preference, but this article will explain the reasons why you should consider kraft bags in Kansas City.


What Exactly is Kraft Paper?

Many of us are trying to be eco-friendly with the items we use today.  One recyclable item you can incorporate into your day-to-day activities is kraft paper.  Many businesses are using kraft paper for their shopping bags or to-go bags.  If you are at a restaurant and you notice the staff putting their carry-out orders in paper bags with handles in Kansas City, there’s a good chance that those bags are made of kraft paper.

Many types of wood can be used to make kraft paper, even wood that is not traditionally used to make paper, like bamboo or resinous pine.  In fact, one reason all colors of bags, especially white kraft bags in Kansas City, are becoming more popular is because they are made up primarily of chemicals that are recovered and reused.  So essentially, kraft bags in Kansas City are self-sustaining.


Kraft Bags in Kansas City


Is Kraft Paper Better than Regular Paper?

Kraft paper is stronger than traditional paper, mainly because it has a high sulfur ratio and a reduced lignin content.  There is also no bleaching during kraft paper production, and bleaching can cause materials to get weaker while also raising production costs.

The extra durability of kraft paper makes it a smart option for shipping items.  If you ship using kraft, your items will be protected by the coarse texture, flexibility, and durability that kraft offers.  Kraft comes in countless colors as well, and at Jim Allen Packaging, we can customize your bags and add designs, logos, or messages to them.  If you want white kraft bags in Kansas City for anything from a birthday party to a bachelorette party, we can make that happen.


Kraft Paper is Great for Gifts

Gift wrapping is much simpler when you use kraft paper.  Since kraft paper is a much more versatile material than traditional wrapping paper, you can get creative with how you showcase your gifts.  Colorful textured kraft paper adds a little more personality than traditional gift boxes in Kansas City.


Kraft Bags in Kansas City


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Kraft Bags in Kansas City


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