When you are approaching the checkout line at your local grocery store, you know the cashier will soon be asking the question on which shopping bags in Kansas City you want, “Paper or plastic?” Most people seem to have one that they prefer over the other, but depending on what specific groceries you buy, you may want to keep your options open.

As one of the leading distributors of paper and plastic bags in Kansas City, Jim Allen Packaging has some suggestions on when you should request paper and when to use plastic. These tips will help keep your groceries safe when loading and unloading them from the car and your drive home from the store.


Loaves of Bread: Paper

If you are getting a loaf of bread, or multiple loaves of bread, paper is usually the best option. Loaves of bread can be placed vertically inside paper bags with handles in Kansas City, which will ensure that they don’t get crushed or smashed by other items. It’s a pretty empty feeling to get home and unload the groceries and find out that something heavy fell on top of the bread and made it almost unusable. Using a paper bag will help avoid this dilemma.


Frozen Foods Like Ice Cream or Frozen Dinners: Paper

Paper is much more effective than plastic at trapping in cold air. Paper bags with handles are much thicker than plastic and can help keep groceries colder for much longer. If you have a bit of a lengthy drive home from the grocery store on a hot summer day, it is wise to put all your cold groceries in paper bags with handles in Kansas City. It is also wise to keep a cooler or a few freezer bags in your car as well, just to ensure that your frozen foods don’t thaw out while in your vehicle.


Plastic Bags in Kansas City


Almost All Other Items: Plastic

Most grocery shoppers stick to plastic bags in Kansas City for the majority of their groceries. One of the most significant reasons is convenience. It is much easier to carry multiple plastic bags simultaneously instead of trying to haul multiple paper bags. The handles on plastic bags allow you to use your fingertips to grab several bags at a time. That is not a very easy chore if you have multiple pager bags to carry.

Also, plastic bags can be easily discarded or crammed into a drawer to be used again in the future. Paper bags take up more space and need to be folded up before they are used again.


Plastic Bags in Kansas City


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