The Different Styles of Reusable Shopping Bags in Kansas City — We are all familiar with the most commonly used shopping bags in Kansas City; of course, those are paper and plastic.  These two options are convenient since many of us don’t go to the store with our own bags, and both paper and plastic bags in Kansas City are available to us at many of our favorite grocery and retail stores.

However, many different styles of reusable shopping bags in Kansas City have gained popularity over the past several years.  These are convenient and inexpensive options that can be used for more than just shopping.  Let’s look at some of the different reusable shopping bags on the market today.


Pan Purses

One of the biggest perks of pan purses is that you have the look of a purse with the lightweight feel of a shopping bag.  In fact, many people like to use pan purses similar to a tote bag for quick trips to the beach to hold items like sunscreen, books, snacks, and other supplies needed a fun day in the sun.  Since a pan purses can be washed, they make much more sense to use for outdoor activities instead of a regular purse.


Shopping Bags in Kansas City


Pan Cubs

A pan cub is similar to a pan purse, just a little more compact in size.  If kids want to be like mom and carry a pan purse, get them a pan cub since it’s a slightly better design for children.


Market/Trade Show Shopping Bags in Kansas City

Bags with a plastic bottom to ensure maximum capacity are known as market totes.  These are very common for those shopping for groceries or at farmer’s markets because of their ability to hold a high volume of items.  Market totes are durable and are washable, unlike plastic bags in Kansas City.


Shopping Bags in Kansas City


Trapezoid Shopping Bags in Kansas City

Though they serve a similar purpose as some of the previously listed bags, trapezoid bags have a little bit more of a unique shape and style.  The outside edges taper inwards for a look that stands out over other bags, although it does decrease the bag’s capacity.  Many stylish shoppers prefer the look of a trapezoid bag over traditional shopping bags.


Drawstring Backpacks

Although they are made of the same material as pan purses and market totes, drawstring backpacks typically serve a different purpose.  You will notice these are very trendy for kids that are on the go since they are lightweight and can hold jackets, hats, small sports equipment, and other various items.  Of all the different shopping bags in Kansas City, it’s safe to say that drawstring bags are the most popular among our youth.


Shopping Bags in Kansas City


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