In the past year and a half, the world has been relying more and more on takeout foods. Whether they are picking up food from the restaurant themselves or are relying heavily on restaurant delivery services, people absolutely love ordering food more than ever.

With their businesses being extra busy, restaurant owners have to make sure they have quality food service takeout boxes in Kansas City to ensure that meals stay hot and fresh for as long as possible. Here are six of the most commonly used food service boxes in Kansas City.


Plastic Containers

One of the most appealing components of plastic containers is the see-thru lid on top. This allows you to see your delicious food just sitting there waiting for you to devour while on your drive home from the restaurant. It also allows you to quickly see if your order is accurate and made with the specific requests you asked for. Plastic containers are one of the most common types of food service takeout boxes in Kansas City. They are used at many types of restaurants, and some can even be reused if cleaned thoroughly.


Eco-Friendly Containers

Now that more and more businesses are trying to decrease their carbon footprint, eco-friendly containers are becoming a more popular option. Using eco-friendly containers expresses your values to customers about how much you genuinely care about the environment. These food service boxes in Kansas City are still an effective way to transport and deliver food while leaving behind far less waste once they are discarded.


Food Service Takeout Boxes in Kansas City


Aluminum Foil Containers

Foil containers are widely used when they need to keep food warm for as long as possible. Another benefit of foil is that it creates a barrier which decreases the amount of moisture that gets inside the container. This helps food stay refrigerated longer without going bad. Also, foil containers with aluminum lids can be stacked on top of each other inside food service takeout bags in Kansas City, so that you can accommodate large orders within one bag.


Foam Containers

Although not quite as effective as aluminum foil containers, foam containers do a pretty good job keeping foods at the desired eating temperature. They can keep hot foods hot, and cold foods cold for a decent amount of time. These are typically used at restaurants when customers want to take home their leftovers. However, don’t stack too many of these on top of each other inside a food service bag in Kansas City, or else the food could get smashed.


Paper Containers

Many restaurants love paper containers because of their functionality. They are easy to open and close, making them very efficient options for carryout orders. There are a wide variety of sizes available for paper containers, and they can accommodate anything from entrees to desserts. Paper containers provide the flexibility and durability to safely transport and store food.


Food Service Takeout Boxes in Kansas City


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