Many people can get a bit overwhelmed when it comes to wrapping gifts around Christmas time. There are other times throughout the year like birthdays, graduations, and wedding season where it seems like the gifts seem to pile up as well. If you are one of those people who just can’t stand getting people cards or money for their special occasions, then that means you will have plenty of gifts to wrap.

As one of the leading distributors of gifting supplies (like gift bags, ribbons, bows, and gift boxes in Kansas City), our team at Jim Allen Packaging knows how important it is to have your gifts wrapped in time for your big event. That’s why we have listed some fun and helpful gift-wrapping tips. These will ensure that all your presents are ready to go under your tree or to your loved ones.


No Need for Gift Tags if You Color Coordinate

If you are getting gifts for multiple people, then this is a great strategy. Focus on all your gifts for one person at a time, just make sure to use the same color of exterior wrapping paper for all of that person’s gifts. For example, if you have 3 kids, all of your youngest son’s gifts could be red, while your other son’s are green, and your daughter’s are white.

Color-coding saves you the time and trouble of putting a label on each individual gift. Also, it also doesn’t require any special wrapping techniques, like using ribbons and bows in Kansas City.


Gift Boxes in Kansas City


A New Trend, Chalkboard Wrapping Paper

Another way to avoid using labels on gifts is by using chalkboard wrapping paper. This trendy new option for wrapping is great because you can write directly on the paper using a chalk pen or another type of ink that matches well with the paper. This is much more fun and creative than traditional wrapping paper or using poly gift bags in Kansas City.


If You’re in a Time Crunch, Just Do the Best You Can

If your gifts are for Christmas and the wrapping ends up being a bit “subpar,” you can always give the kids a story as to why the presents are a little beat up. A common one is, “Santa was in a bit of a hurry; he’s got kids all around the world to get to.” Or, “that one must have fallen off his sleigh.” Things like that help keep the magic alive for your kids, even if the wrapping or the gift boxes in Kansas City are a bit “distressed.”


When in Doubt, Hire a Pro

If wrapping, gift bags, and gift boxes are just not your specialty, hire someone who specializes in gift wrapping to take on the responsibility. Someone who has a knack for gift wrapping will really spruce up each present’s appeal. They’ll use beautiful wrapping paper, precision techniques, and top it off with beautiful ribbons and bows in Kansas City. Although it might take away some of the fun of playing Santa, sometimes there just aren’t enough hours to get everything accomplished before the big day.


Gift Boxes in Kansas City


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