It’s safe to say that most gift-wrapping experts know there are circumstances where they need tissue paper in Kansas City. The most common case would be if you are gifting something but are using a gift bag. Tissue paper is the perfect complement to gift bags and poly gift bags in Kansas City.

However, tissue paper is not just strictly used for gift bags. There are other ways to use tissue paper when presenting a gift for that certain someone to celebrate a special occasion. Here are two key pieces of advice regarding tissue paper if you decide to use it for your next gift.


Using Tissue Paper as Wrapping Paper

Consider the Size of the Gift and the Tissue Paper

You can use tissue paper similar to how you would use wrapping paper, but there is one important factor: the size of the gift. You typically cannot buy an entire roll of tissue paper; it is sold in smaller sheets. So if you decide to use tissue paper to wrap something like jewelry gift boxes in Kansas City, that should be just fine. Tissue sheets are small, so the gift would need to be small as well.

If you want to wrap a gift that cannot be covered by one sheet of tissue paper in Kansas City, it is likely best to pursue another wrapping option. You may be able to find ways to cover the entire gift using multiple sheets of tissue paper, but the presentation will likely end up looking sloppy.


Tissue Paper in Kansas City


Consider the Color of Tissue Paper

If you plan on using tissue paper to wrap gift boxes in Kansas City, make sure you strongly consider the best color to use. You may be tempted to use the favorite colors of the person you’re giving the gift to. Or you may want to choose seasonal colors, like red and green during Christmas time. Make sure you give this plenty of thought so that your gift wrapping fits the mood of the occasion.

Something else to consider, darker colors do a much better job covering up the outside of a box. One of the last things you want is for the contents of your gift to be exposed even before it’s unwrapped. So make sure that you use a dark shade of tissue paper.

If you want the exterior layer of tissue paper to be a lighter color like blue or yellow, you can still do that. Our team at Jim Allen Packaging recommends using at least one layer of dark paper, like black or navy blue, underneath the exterior wrapping paper. This way, the gift contents are blocked, yet the wrapping paper is the light festive color that you want.


Tissue Paper in Kansas City 


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