We’ve all been in a situation where it’s a busy night, kids have activities, you got home late from work, and there’s nothing to eat in the refrigerator.  What’s the quickest solution?  Ordering carryout from a local restaurant.

Many eating establishments that provide carryout service will stack orders nicely in paper bags with handles in Kansas City.  For smaller orders, you may only need a small bag, so restaurants will use plastic bags in Kansas City for lower volume orders.

However, the packaging for each individual entrée or meal may vary for each type of restaurant.  This article will provide some information on the various types of food service takeout boxes in Kansas City that are used by different eating establishments.


Food Service Takeout Boxes in Kansas City


Aluminum Foil

One of the most durable, sealable, and non-absorbent materials on the market for restaurants is aluminum foil.  Aluminum is a popular choice for ribs, sandwiches, and burritos since it retains heat well and can keep contents intact if wrapped tightly.  The downfall for restaurants is that aluminum is more expensive than many other types of food service takeout boxes in Kansas City.


Styrofoam Food Service Takeout Boxes in Kansas City

Restaurants on a tight budget may choose styrofoam food service boxes in Kansas City, as they are considered the most inexpensive material on the market.  Styrofoam can effectively control the temperature of both hot and cold foods, but it is considered to be a poor choice for the environment.


Food Service Takeout Boxes in Kansas City


Paper or Cardboard Food Service Takeout Boxes in Kansas City

Takeout containers made primarily of paper or cardboard are easily customizable, and restaurants can add their logos or other custom messages to the packaging for all to see.  Cardboard is widely used by many pizzerias as the boxes can be easily made into an ideal rectangle shape to fit an entire pizza.

Another reason to use cardboard is its ability to keep the contents warm for long periods of time.  Cardboard can also be reheated in the oven, which is nice for those leftover slices of pizza after a party.


Food Service Takeout Boxes in Kansas City


Plastic Food Service Takeout Boxes in Kansas City

Another popular option for food service takeout boxes in Kansas City is plastic.  Their tough exterior will keep the contents safe from being smashed, especially when you have a large order crammed into one bag.  One downfall is that plastics hold moisture well, almost too well, which can lead to soggy food if it is not opened quickly.


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Food Service Takeout Boxes in Kansas City 

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