In what’s been a very challenging year for our Seniors in high school, college, or graduates of any other school, many of us are thinking of ways to go the extra mile to show them just how proud we are of their achievements.  One way to do that is by not just settling for regular old gift bags or gift boxes in Kansas City for our graduate’s present, but by coming up with extra creative and fun ideas for the presentation of your gift.

This article will give you a few fun ideas that you might be able to incorporate when wrapping your gift.  These ideas will be sure to add an extra smile to your graduate’s face before they open your generous present.


Use Black Wrapping Paper

Even though black may not be on of your graduate’s school colors, it is the color that many use for their graduation caps and gowns. What’s great about black paper is that there are many ways to accent it by using more than just ribbons and bows in Kansas City.  Plus, it is one of the few colors that goes with just about anything!


Add a Graduation Cap Tassel to the Wrapping Paper

If you are gifting something in a flat, square box, you can attach a graduation tassel to make your gift resemble a graduation cap. It’s a very creative and fun way to celebrate your graduate’s big day. The tassel combined with the black wrapping paper is a festive way to get in the graduation spirit.


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Write on the Wrapping Paper with Chalk

You can write a personalized message on the black wrapping paper using chalk or a chalk marker to add an extra personal touch to your design.  This presentation also resembles a chalkboard, which was likely a common site for your graduate during their school days.  It’s always fun to make your gift somewhat symbolic of the event you are celebrating, and add that extra level of love compared to just using regular wrapping paper or poly gift bags in Kansas City.


Draw the Graduate’s School Logo on Gift Boxes in Kansas City

If you’ve got an artist in the family, have them draw the graduate’s school logo on the paper to add even more detail to your gift. If they are graduating high school make sure to include that logo, and be sure to add their future college’s logo as well if they are planning on pursuing a college degree.

So, as you can see, something as simple as black wrapping paper to your gift boxes in Kansas City is a great way to enhance your loved one’s graduation gift.


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