If there is style of food service takeout boxes in Kansas City that stand out above the rest, it has to be the pizza box.  If you see someone walking by with a styrofoam container from a local restaurant, there’s no telling what type of food is inside.  But if you see a person holding a flat, square, cardboard box, you can be sure that there’s a nice warm pizza pie inside.

Many people wonder, “How did pizza boxes get started as food service takeout boxes in Kansas City?”  In this article, we’ll give you a quick history lesson on how pizza boxes originated and how we got to the boxes that are most commonly used today.


Post World War II

After the war ended, many American soldiers were stationed in various parts of Italy, where they became big fans of the local cuisine, pizza. At many Italian pizzerias, pies were sat on a stiff base that would slide very snugly into a paper bag. This was one of the original ways of getting carryout pizza, and similar to go bags in Kansas City are used at pizza places that serve individual slices.


Food Service Takeout Boxes in Kansas City


The 1950s

Steam and heat can quickly escape using the to go bag method, but it was still a successful way of transporting a pizza without its structure being compromised. But as our country rolled in the 1950s, pizza places became overwhelmed with dine-in customers. Restaurants needed to develop a successful way to create food service takeout boxes in Kansas City that were designed specifically for pizza.

Paperboard bakery boxes were used at many pizza establishments so that multiple pies could be stacked on each other. This method was somewhat successful, but there were still issues with the boxes being too thin and not strong enough to handle the intense moisture of a hot pizza.


Cardboard in the 1960s

The first cardboard pizza boxes that we still use today were developed in the mid-1960s by a pizza company that focused solely on delivery. They used corrugated cardboard boxes that were strong enough to hold form even while holding the hottest and most dense pizzas that their establishment offered. This was a significant breakthrough not only for pizzas but for all food service boxes in Kansas City.


Food Service Takeout Boxes in Kansas City


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