As one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of gift-wrapping supplies in Kansas City, Jim Allen Packaging is always looking for fun and unique ways to spruce up gifts for that special someone. There’s always fun ways to enhance your gift’s presentation. Whether it’s accenting your gift bag with tissue paper in Kansas City or taking your beautifully wrapped present up a notch by adding ribbons and bows in Kansas City.

Gift wrapping can be a fun way to show off your creativity, style, and also to add some seasonal design to a gift. This article will cover some of the best ways to add a little summer flair to your next gift.


Instead of Ribbons Bows in Kansas City, Try Neon Strings!

One of the best things about summer is that it brings out the bright colors that cheer everyone up. You can always accent a gift with ribbons or bows, but if you want to break the norm, find some neon string and wrap them around your gift just like you would with traditional ribbons or bows.

You can use bright, neon colors like lime green, hot pink, or a bright orange. This creative design combined with white wrapping paper is sure to make your gift pop when compared to all the other gifts at the gift table.


Tissue Paper in Kansas City


Add Some Small Flowers to Your Gift Boxes in Kansas City

Another fun substitute for ribbons and bows is small flowers. They can be taped or glued to gift boxes in Kansas City, to provide a beautiful accent to your gift’s presentation. To make the flowers really stand out, wrap your gift with a very bland choice of wrapping paper, like white or tan. This way, the flowers’ brightness truly shines while displayed on top of the gift.


Got Some Old Maps? How About Using Them as Mapping…I mean Wrapping Paper!

If you are giving a gift to someone who loves to travel, teaches, or just loves maps, you can have some fun by using an old map as wrapping paper. Many of us no longer use paper maps thanks to smartphones, so make some use of your old road maps that have been piling up in your glove compartment.

You can also use old maps similar to how you would use tissue paper in Kansas City. Simply insert a ruffled-up map into a gift bag to add a unique twist to your gift’s display. You’ll be sure to get a few compliments on your creativity when your friends see how amazing it turned out.


Tissue Paper in Kansas City


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