We all love getting takeout food, no matter if it’s burgers, pizza, wings, or healthy options like salads, wraps, or vegetarian options. However, have you ever thought about whether your food would be best in food service takeout boxes in Kansas City? Or would it be better in food service takeout bags in Kansas City?

In this article, we’ll explain which is the best option for some of the most popular take-out foods. Boxes? or Bags?



There’s not much of a debate on this one; pizza belongs in a box. Could you imagine trying to transport pizza using just a bag? You might be able to get away with it if the pizza is frozen or has been refrigerated for an extended period of time. But a fresh pizza out of the oven should be transported using food service takeout boxes in Kansas City. More specifically, in pizza boxes, of course.


Food Service Takeout Boxes in Kansas City


Chicken Wings

This one might be a personal preference for some, but the least messy answer would be boxes. Most wings are covered in sauce and cause a pretty situation if they were transported using just a food service takeout bag in Kansas City. However, if your wings are not sauced, a paper bag might help absorb any additional greased that you don’t want. But a box is probably still your best bet.



This one might be up for debate. The size of the sandwich will likely play a huge factor when deciding if a box or a bag is best.

If it is for a smaller sandwich, say on two standard pieces of bread, food service takeout boxes in Kansas City might be best. As long as the box is held in a flat position, the sandwich will stay intact. For longer, submarine-style sandwiches, those are best transported by wrapping in in thin paper and putting them in a long plastic bag.

So basically, the size of the sandwich will dictate the answer on this one.


Food Service Takeout Boxes in Kansas City


French Fries

This is another one that could be up for debate.

Although you may think a food service box is the best option for fries, there is one downfall. Fries can get soggy when they are in a box that traps all the heat and moisture. There are some places that will use a paper bag as their preferred method for carryout orders that include french fries. When a paper bag is used as a food service bag in Kansas City, it can absorb excess grease from the fries. Paper bags also allow hot air to escape, making the fries less soggy.



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 Food Service Takeout Boxes in Kansas City


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